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A.M.M.O is a fast paced First Person Shooter.

Embody a fallen Mage, trying to get out of his prison, in a world where technology took over magic.

Use the deep magic bullet crafting system and the palette of movement to express yourself through the levels and make your way through the boss !

This game was made during  the second year of Master's degree at CNAM ENJMIN, during a 3 months long develeppement and intended as a vertical slice.


Graphic Designers / Art Directors

Dorian FILLATRE : Level Artist, VFX Artist, Lighting Artist 

Miguel SAURA DRAGO : Animator, Environment modeler

Federico PIREZEnemy & Gun designer/modeler


Brice CORNUAU : AI & UI Programmer

Théo LEMOINE : 3C & Gameplay programmer, Tech art support

Sound Designer

Clément ROUGÉ : Audio Designer & Music Composer

Game Designers

Rugved KHANDEKAR : Game and Systems Designer

Robin "RedSPINE" Cochennec  : Gameplay & Combat Designer

Théophile DREUX : 3C, Weapon & Level Designer


Alexandre CRESPEL : UX Designer & User researcher 


Clara TOUSSAINT : UI Designer & Artist 

Arthur BERTAUD : UI Artist

Guillaume ANGELI : Project Manager

Axelle BRIAND : Project Manager

Antoine BOUDET : Help on the Level Art 



AMMO_WindowsBuild.zip 1 GB

Install instructions

Download and extract the the 'AMMO_WindowsBuild.zip' ; Open the folder named 'Windows' in it and run the 'AMMO.exe' to launch and play the game.


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I saw this game on the TV screen at CNAM and immediately ran to my PC to try it out.

I really like it and even more when I saw that it was a learning game.

rly big gg to your team !!!

Thank you!!!!! It means a lot to us! Thanks for the feedback :D

Great looking game! The movement control is wrong, though. It's not WASD, it's Q(left) S(back) D(right) and Z(forward), don't know how to change it since there's no option menu. Other than that the game is really well made!

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Ahoyy! Thanks for the feedback.
Yes the movement is not WASD, because the game was developed in France on an AZERTY keyboard layout, we'll soon publish an updated version with WASD for QWERTY keyboards.